GMail is broken

What happened to GMail lately?
It steals focus!
Contacts don’t work most of the time!
Mail is often not sent because the button pushing has no effect.

Is this GMail 2.0?
Fuck 2.0, I want the working GMail back!
And stop it from stealing focus to it’s own tab, that is SO annoying.

Invite the world to GMail

The other day I noticed that I have this “Invite a friend” on my GMail. I didn’t use that thing for more than a year, so I took the chance of this re-discovery to get rid of it. Within several minutes I sent 98 invitations to an imaginary friend whose mail bounced at some noreply@somewhere… address. And it worked – I got rid of that little blue box that serves no purpose on my GMail page!

Imagine my surprise when today I find that box at the same place, with 50 new invitations to give away.

No, really – I don’t have any friends who don’t have a GMail account. I don’t want to use this “feature”, ever. And it does not contribute a thing to my GMail experience – get rid of it Google! Put some AdSense there or something.