Broken tmux in OS X is easy to fix

I have started using tmux instead of screen for the last couple of months. Ported my screenrc file into a similar tmux one and everything works great. With one small exception, tmux on Mac OS X makes strange problems and errors appear – and I had not idea why things were so broken, so I googled for a long time and finally found the reason.

The first problem I noticed is that launchctl stopped working correctly, it would show an error saying: launchctl error: launch_msg(): Socket is not connected.

The second problem was when I tried changing my vimrc to use the OS X clipboard copy and paste inside of vim, so anything yanked would appear in the clipboard and viceversa. To change it all you have to do is add set clipboard=unnamed to your vimrc, and in the latest versions of vim it just works. Unless you do that in tmux, then it just doesn’t work.

Long story short, if you are using tmux and experience strange problems with OS X facilities — try to use There is an explanation there about why this happens and how to fix it. I used the wrapper method that required adding a line to my tmux.conf and now everything works great!

Hope this helps.