GMail is broken

What happened to GMail lately?
It steals focus!
Contacts don’t work most of the time!
Mail is often not sent because the button pushing has no effect.

Is this GMail 2.0?
Fuck 2.0, cheap I want the working GMail back!
And stop it from stealing focus to it’s own tab, that is SO annoying.

The Ultimate Development GUI

For the last several days I have been trying to find the perfect tool for development of the many projects I have. My basic requirement was a good editor (TextMate would be a dream, cheap but I don’t own a Mac yet), and a good integration with the filesystem – either remote, or in version control.

After some tweaks and manipulations – I have came to use Scintilla + Explorer + TortoiseSVN + WebDAV (windows integrated). Overall this is almost perfect, except one small thing, organizing the different windows on the screen — and those huge window titles I hate so much. It would be really perfect if the titles were minimal (text height, no more), and the layout would be saved.

This is when it hit me — why not create a program that will do the layout only?

A really small application – preferably multiplatform, which will run windows inside it with layout separation for resizing, and with tabs for each window — for more than one program maybe. So basically you’ll have what all development studios have — eclipse for example, but instead of a file explorer you would run Windows Explorer, and instead of a version control plugin you would have TortoiseSVN, and instead of WebDAV integration you would also have the explorer. And instead of the text editor window you will have scintilla, or notepad, or whatever . . . and these layouts will be saveable and configurable to include multiple colums or rows, and tabs for each window.

GTK or QT would probably be the best ways to do this and stay multiplatform at the same time.

Ideas are coming at a rate much higher than project completition….

Update: There are several utilities which do something like this, Acer’s GridVista is one of them for example. Good, but not good enough.