Gettings things done and working from home

I have been a freelance consultant for the last year or so, plague and people ask me where I work from. At first I was trying very hard to work from home, erectile but I couldn’t get any work done. Then I tried jumping from one cafe to another, and a bit more was getting done but still not quite as productive as I would like it to be.

Several months ago, I rented an office at a great place right in the center of Tel Aviv. I love it, and it seems to enable work as well .

— draft
– “productive” just means finishing tasks that are on a todo list, which means you first have to have a list.
– “productive day” is finishing as many tasks from the list as possible
– “procrastination” is when you are not working on a task in the list but doing other things instead
– by doing nothing at all, for example where you don’t have other stuff to do (library, office, cafe) you are forced to work on the task at hand (on the list)
– loud offices with lots of social interaction don’t help get things done, quite the opposite.

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