Writing helpers with Haml and rSpec

Recently Wolfman posted a description about Rails helpers written with Haml::Helpers#open and rSpec.

I want it to be more DRY than it is, since the whole application is using rSpec and Haml, all helpers should have the same before(:each)

So basically – what I did was :

Spec::Runner.configure do |config|
config.with_options :behaviour_type => :helpers do |config|
config.include Haml::Helpers
config.include ActionView::Helpers
config.prepend_before :all do
@haml_is_haml = true
@haml_stack = [Haml::Buffer.new]

Except it will not work, for various reasons.

Hope to solve all the quirks sometime soon. I know this will cost me some sleep.

One thought on “Writing helpers with Haml and rSpec

  1. Did you ever solve the problems with writing helpers and rspec?
    BTW, where do you work? Can you e-mail me?

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